Do over-the-counter bleaching products work?

There is some evidence that over-the-counter bleaching products do whiten teeth, however, these products are not used under the supervision of your dentist and there may be potential problems that need attention prior to whitening, such as a cavity or leaking restorations. Also, the trays sold with over-the-counter products do not fit as well as those that are custom-made by your dentist. As a result, damage to your gums and teeth is possible.

Dr. Mora recognizes that these over-the-counter products can be a great option for trying out whitening to see if it is right for you. But for some patients, over-the-counter products may not provide the desired result as the product is not as effective as professional bleach. Some patients may also experience sensitivity of gums and teeth with these products, which can be reduced or eliminated by wearing bleaching trays that are a custom fit.