MoraVision™3D sets our practice apart by giving patients the visual controls they need to empower them, every step along the way.

MoraVision™3D will help the patients to become interactive participants in their own dental treatment. MoraVision™3D gives the patient, for the first time in the history of dental care, the awareness and ability to exercise visual control during a dental procedure by seeing exactly what’s happening in their mouth in real time 3D, removing fear and anxiety associated with the unknown.

Excellent lighting and magnification allow the dentist to provide gentle, high-quality dental care, and also allows the patient to visually confirm that they are receiving a higher-quality dentistry.

A picture is worth a thousand words and 3D video is the absolute best way to teach a patient where they are missing in their oral hygiene and how to correct that, to confirm what their dental needs are, and to ask the patient what they would like done for themselves based on their newfound facts and knowledge.

You can’t diagnose or treat what you can’t see. MoraVision™3D empowers the dentist and the patient with the power to see, taking dentistry from the Braille age to the seeing age.

Wand Dental Anesthesia

Utilizing the Wand STA dental anesthesia device, Dr. Mora is able to give the most comfortable injection possible. This helps greatly reduce anxiety for many of our patients. With the Wand, the injection is handled extremely gently and is many times pain-free.

Another advantage to this computerized anesthetic system is that the anesthetic is able to be administered in very exact doses. The computer carefully controls the rate of the anesthetic to its slowest rate, reducing the feeling of discomfort that is experienced when anesthetic is given.

3Shape TRIOS Scanner

The 3Shape Trios Scanner is the most up-to-date, accurate digital scanner on the market. Using the latest in technology, we are able to provide high-quality porcelain restorations that look and function like your natural teeth and will last for many years. The 3Shape Trios Scanner allows us to custom-make a porcelain crown or restoration for you in-office, giving us total control over the final restoration appearance and fit for your comfort and satisfaction.

Autologous Bone Grafting


A dentin grinder is a special device that is used to grind a natural tooth that has been extracted to produce an autologous—self-compatable—bone graft in as little as 15 minutes. Instead of having to use donated cadaver bone, our team can use the patient’s own tooth that was extracted to perform bone grafting procedures. This is the most natural, holistic way of obtaining bone grafting material that can be used right away for treatment.



Bone grafting is often done when a tooth is extracted to prevent bone loss. This is especially important if the patient is ever planning on restoring their missing tooth. A bone graft provides strength when placing dental implants and speeds the healing process. Even if the patient is not planning on restoring the tooth right away, getting a bone graft at the time of extraction can save a lot of time, money, and discomfort in the long run.