MoraVision™3D sets our practice apart by giving patients the visual controls they need to empower them, every step along the way.

MoraVision™3D will help the patients to become interactive participants in their own dental treatment. MoraVision™3D gives the patient, for the first time in the history of dental care, the awareness and ability to exercise visual control during a dental procedure by seeing exactly what’s happening in their mouth in real time and in 3D, this removes fear and anxiety associated with the unknown.

Excellent lighting and magnification allows the dentist to create high-quality gentle dental care, and allow the patients to visually confirm that they are receiving a higher-quality dentistry.

A picture is worth a thousand words and 3D video is the absolute best way to teach a patient where they are missing in their oral hygiene and how to correct that, to confirm what their dental needs are, and to ask the patient what they would like done for themselves based on their newfound facts and knowledge.

You can’t diagnose or treat what you can’t see. MoraVision™3D empowers the dentist and the patient with the power to see. It takes dentistry from the Braille age to the seeing age.